Thank you for your interest in our work! Below are a few things about the studio and process that are good to know before your session!



1523 Hull St.
Richmond, VA 23224

Frequently Asked Questions:

What exactly is a tintype?

Considered by many to be the Polaroid of the 19th century, the tintype is made almost instantaneously through a process that uses hand poured chemicals on an enameled sheet of metal. Each tintype is created by hand and is an unique artifact.

Do I need an appointment?

Tricky question. For an event, NO, you do not. We take portraits on a walk-up basis. For a portrait session at the studio, YES, you do. The studio is open by appointment only.

What should I wear?

Anything you want! Feel free to fancy yourself up or dress as casual as you'd like. Due to the historical camera used, all images are flipped horizontally, so we don't recommend that you wear text, as it will appear backwards. Patterns and textures always look great!

How long will my session take?

Sessions will last about 20 minutes for a single plate. It is important to know that you will not leave the studio with the tintype the same day. We have to dry and varnish the plates overnight. But worry not, it will be in the mail to you within the next few business days and the scan will arrive in your inbox even sooner!

What is included in the purchase of a session?

We offer single portrait sessions, 30-minute sessions and 60-minute sessions. You receive as many tintypes as selected as well as high-res scans of each. Don't worry if you blink, we'll be sure to develop the plate in front of you, so if a change needs to be made, we can reshoot it on the spot.

How many people can be photographed on one plate?

In the studio, we can easily photograph 1-2 people on a 4x5 plate and may be able to fit 5 people max. We use historic lenses with a very shallow depth of field, so the more people in the image, the harder it is to make sure everyone will be in focus. When shooting at other locations, it depends on the space available to work. We'll always give a big group a shot!

Can I bring my small child or pet to the studio?

Yes! We asked that animals be well trained and respond well to a 'stay' command. We recommend TREATS! We ask that you give us notice when booking your appointment as there are two studio dogs that are normally lazing around. They are both very nice, but to make things less hectic, they get to spend the day at home when children and pets come for a visit. 

Can I buy a gift certificate?

Of course! Just send an email to and we'll have one made up for you! 

Do you do events?

Yes, we do! Please shoot us an email if you are interested in having us at your upcoming event or if you'd like information on our next event. 

Can I use the photograph commercially?

Sure can! Like any photographer, usage fees apply when the work is used in a commercial or editorial fashion. The price will vary depending on how the image is used. Contact us anytime for a quote.