I am a photographer and educator focusing in historic photographic processes. I work with medium and large format film, as well as create negatives using the wet plate collodion process. Frequently, I can be found setting up my mobile darkroom along bucolic back roads and hazy riverbeds, working with my hands and light to capture a disappearing reality. As an artist, my work is greatly influenced by the land I come from, a place of impenetrable growth and dark tunnels of kudzu. I use historic photographic processes to capture contemporary subjects, producing nostalgic, southern landscapes, trapped between time. I seek to explore the relationships between memory, place and identity. In addition, much of my works seeks to serve as pieces of environmental activism by presenting transcendent visions of landscapes experiencing natural distress. 

I also offer commissioned portrait photography at my studio in Richmond, Virginia. Using the wet-plate collodion process, which dates back to 1851, I create tintypes and ambrotypes; tangible portraits, each a product of silver and light, unique and timeless. 
To make an appointment or see availability, please visit our booking page hereFor event inquiries, please email me at emwhitephoto.com

Not one to discriminate against any particular photographic format, I do offer digital photography service as well, with a focus in portraiture and events. While I call Virginia home, I have photographed in over 15 countries and four continents.